This week i have secured two interviews so I want to see what success will these events bring to me this week. I decided on a four card spread looking at the factors and outcome of the week.

The first card in the spread was the Three of Cups, a joyful energetic card, the three women are cheerful in the garden surrounded by beautiful blooming roses, toasting to good health, prosperity and the forming of bonds and friendship.

My second card, a factor card, is the Queen of Pentacles. Yet gain this card shows a blissful summers eve with flowers in bloom and collected ripe fruit. The Queen holds a special energy which can be used in to inspire you in a future events. The next factor card is the six of cups, an innocent pure, youthful card. The card bring a positive, loving warm energy which can be channelled

Finally, The outcome card, The Knight of Wands. The card of adventure, risk and change. Maybe this can be seen as a sign of taking risks, taking on new challenges and accepting change will result in success. The Knight is speeding ahead into battle assured of his talents.

In conclusion, relating to my question is does prove to be positive, forming bonds, stay youthful and take on new challenges with excitement and confidence.