Important parts of life are birth, love, sex, money and death. These are essential assets with govern our daily lives, they form a creation, dreams, fears and identity. Within Tarot they are also common themes with crop up, sometimes we ask the god and goddess to provide answers to these questions and problems.

Throughout history we can see evidence of these very same issues, one with I want to look at today (and I will gradually explore them all) is the issue of sex, sexuality and its relation to power and the masculine form.

The worship of the phallus goes back to the dawn of men and women, and has survived through history and is still present within today’s culture. In ancient Egypt the penis was seen as a sign of fertility. In Greece many Gods such as Pan and Hermes were adorned with huge erect genitalia. The Rome the phallic symbol warned off danger. In history the penis was generally a positive sign of power, fertility, love and protection. Within modern days the penis has been stigmatised, seen as a weapon of male domination, used as a powerful force against women, the Atom bomb is phallic in shape. With pornography the large penis is a sign of sexual potency, adequate masculinity and female adoration.

Within Tarot you may come across issues of sex, power and phallic forms and its important to let your intuition guide you in your reading, but its interesting to think how a simple body organ has has had such an enormous impact on civilisations, theory and culture throughout time.