If you look at the devil card on some Tarot decks, espcially in the Rider Waite tradition, you will see a horned goat-man representing the devil, often assumed as the image of the Greek god Pan. To me Pan has always held a postive energy of youth, laughter, fun and dance but in the context of the tarot card it does represent a more darkerside to the playful god.

Pan is the Arcadian god of sex, lust and magic. His stories tell of how he seduces men and women using his magical phallic and libido like flute with the sound of sweet music. Pan seduces the Moon Goddess, Selene, by disgusing himself in rams clothing and taught the bad habits of masturbaition to the sheperds. It is this connection of lust which provides my meaning of the devil card. The addiction of the music, the blinded lust people seek and become addicted to attain material and unearlthly pleasures and then ultimatly become chained to unable to breakfree.