So today i decided to do a reading for tommrow, as sunday is the begining of the week it would nice to have some guidance of how it is gong to start. I shuffled a did a simple three card spread with the third card being the Outcome card for that day.

The first card is the nine of pentacles, from my intution this card seems serene, calm and elegant. She is surrounded by the fruits of the earth, with a pink sky above. She is trusting herself, and is now relaxing at the endof the day enjoing her fruits of labour.

The second is the Page of Cups, this is a water card, water is fluid and can mould to situations, the page seems moved my the fish which is lovingly cradled within the cup. In chinese tradition the fish is seen as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

The outcome card I pulled was The High Preistess, to me she is the gate keeper of the spirtual world, the holder of the mysterous. She is strong, knowlegable of her power but not overbaring or conceited.

This read for my day tommorw encourages me to sit back and look at what I have achieved, taking loving care and let the methodical mechanics of life start to tick and move.

Blessed be, F x