So following yesterdays read about staying in my family city, a few developments have happened, I have been asked for an interview here! So all good, but I am a bit nervous about the interview because there is a testing section in the interview… the mention of test or assessment always makes me nervous. So i decided to ask the cards on my new deck, The Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck (above), about how will my interview go.

My first card is the Ace of Wands. This card symbolises new opportunities. As you can see from the card the sun is coming up from the clouds and the flowers are opening, ready to open into new and exciting world ready to take on new challenges. My second card is The World, my second time in two days. This card, to me, tells me if I want this opportunity I do have the ability to achieve it depending on my state of mind and spirit, the world is your oyster. My final card is a battling card, the experience of competition and rising to the challenges and obstacles ahead.

In the context of my interview i get the intuition that I have the ability to perform well, rise to the occasion and experience new opportunities, this however is only possible if I truly set my my mind and heart to the task at hand.

I will keep you updated!

Blessed be, F x